3-D TV Stereo Prism Glasses

3 D TV Stereo Prism Glasses 3 D TV Stereo Prism Glasses

Revolutionary! 3-D Stereo Prism Glasses.-Did you know?There are over 5,000 3-D Videos on YouTube! Just do a search for “yt3d”You’ll be watching dozens of hours of FREE 3-D content as soon as your glasses arrive! -What makes these galsses so special?-No “lenses” that need to be focused… they use 2 prisms that bend the light to “Split & Separate” your “side-by-side” 3-D content. -TRUE Full Color Stereoscopic 3-D effect…not the cheap “simulated” 3D effect you get with other glasses that just push the entire image “back” into the screen without creating any 3-D depth within the image. -View virtually ANY size image without the need to ever focus the lenses…experience 3-D from small printed cards to larger screen video. -Normally you would have to spend up to $3,000 for a new 3-D TV set-up… Or thousands on a new computer with a special graphics card, screen and glasses… -Now for under $30, you, your family & your friends can see 3-D Videos and Photos on ANY Screen!-You can even use them to view Printed 3-D Photos!-If you own a 3D Camera or plan on getting one, then you NEED these glasses!