BUILT 2-Bottle Wine Tote

BUILT 2 Bottle Wine Tote BUILT 2 Bottle Wine Tote

The Two Bottle Tote by BUILT in Big Dot Black and White insulates and protects two 750ml-1L bottles of wine. Made from neoprene, the wetsuit material Рit cushions the bottles and insulates contents up to four hours, depending on external temperatures. Lightweight, portable soft-grip handles and stores flat or rolls up for convenient packing. Whether you prefer red or white, sparkling or still, BUILT wine bags let you go anywhere with your vino. They also make the perfect gift for your favorite oenophile or party host. Material is stain-resistant and machine-washable; wash cold and drip-dry for best results. Measures 10 inches wide by 16 inches long by 1/2 inch when flat. Choose from a range of colors and patterns, as well as Two Bottle and Six Pack models. BUILT is a New York-based company that designs fashionable and functional bags, totes, and cases for life on the go. Drawing inspiration from the city that never sleeps, BUILT applies color and pattern to laptop sleeves, iPad cases, camera bags, lunch totes, and other accessories that protect the stuff you love wherever you go. BUILT – LOVE YOUR STUFF.