Cartoon Purse “Play Hooky”

cartoon purse play hooky Cartoon Purse Play Hooky cartoon purse play hooky2 Cartoon Purse Play Hooky

Play Hooky Play hooky from your usual messenger bag and add some quirk to your life instead. Let this expandable bag carry your netbook, iPad/tablet, or whatever other accessories you need for a day in the office or fun in the sun. JumpFromPaperTM is a playful and innovative line of bags. Cartoon-like outlines, bright and vibrant colors will be sure to turn heads and be the talk of the town. Are they real? Yes they’re real. Although slim in appearance, each JumpFromPaperTM bag has a roomy interior to accommodate an iPad/tablet, book, magazines, and your everyday accessories. A zipper bottom expands the bag for extra room. Dimensions: 15.7″ x 14.2″ x 0.8″ (3.1″ expanded) Shoulder Strap: 31.5″ to 51.2″ Material: Polyester Fabric