CRUSTACHE Crust Cutter

crustache crust cutter CRUSTACHE Crust Cutter


CRUSTACHE Crust Cutter

  • The Cutters turn regular sized sandwiches and cookies into cool looking mustache shapes that are perfect for party snacks, themed birthday parties
  • Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Cookie cutter comes with five distinctive mustache styles
  • Sandiwich crust cutter comes with three styles

Fun baking for the whole family! These set of 2- Mustache Cookie Cutters / Stamper and Sandwich Crust Cutters will give you plenty of laughs while baking. Simply roll out your dough, cut the mustache shape out then turn over your cutter and use the stamp side to make the detailed impression.
For Sandwich Cutter makes three stylish mini-sandwiches in one simple motion. This handy bread-and-toast punch removes those pesky crusts and gives you a great excuse to play with your food. After all, everyone looks better with a peanut butter and handlebar!

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