D Battery Money and Rx Stash

d battery money and rx stash D Battery Money and Rx Stash

Amazing D Battery Money and Rx Stash. Here at BeWild we sell many diversion safes that look like actual products, but this Amazing D Battery Money and Rx Stash is defiantly the most discreet model to date. This diversion safe looks virtually identical to a regular D size battery and can hold money or prescription drugs for emergency use. This battery stash can hold up to ,000! A single bill fits perfectly in to the storage compartment so your money can stay safe and out of sight. No body would ever suspect the D Battery look alike conceals large amounts of money! Your money is now hidden. This battery safe goes a step further then any other can safe on the market because you can now hide the battery in any device that uses D batteries, meaning your stash is now completely hidden! Hide your cash and Rx drugs in the safe then place the safe in to a boom box stero, Toys or any D battery operated device! This battery can safe looks, feels and even weighs the same as any regular D battery. Even though this battery safe looks like a battery it is not a battery and provides no power the devices it is placed in.