Da Vinci Paddle Boat

da vinci paddle boat1 Da Vinci Paddle Boat

Academy’s Da Vinci Paddleboat is an interpretation of the original drawing, designed during the Renaissance era by the famous Italian scientist and artist, Leonardo da Vinci. This spring powered kit is a joy to build, and snaps together without any tools, glue, batteries and doesn’t need painting. Imagine holding a piece of history in your hand and it operates as well. This 7.25″ Paddleboat is beautifully designed; with the spring powered mechanism creating the energy to rotate the two massive paddle wheels in the water. Another wonderful educational model in Academy’s Da Vinci Machine Series, this model is sure to please the historical student or the budding modeler looking for a unique, yet easy to build model kit. Academy’s technical engineers captured the wonders of this mechanical masterpiece, designed by the most celebrated historical figure in science and technology, making this model a joy to build, display or operate. All this precision in a working model and it simply snaps together. This highly educational kit looks great on a shelf, will demonstrate the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and will make a terrific school or “show-and-tell” project. <p style=”text-align: justify;”>This is an Academy Da Vinci Paddleboat Plastic Model Kit. This plastic model kit doesn’t require paint or glue, but requires assembly. Model faithfully reproduces Da Vinci’s paddleboat.</p>