Dr Who Mini Figures Random Pack – One Supplied

dr who mini figures random pack one supplied Dr Who Mini Figures Random Pack   One Supplied

All your favorite Doctor Who characters as mini figures! ? 10 different fully articulated action figures, blind-packaged and sealed within secret bags! ? Great for building your favorite scenes from the TV show! Build your own Doctor Who micro figure collection! Each fully articulated action figure is sealed within a secret bag, so you never know which Doctor Who Micro Figure you’re going to get! And each highly detailed and collectable construction figure includes a Doctor Who display base and collectors leaflet that highlights all the characters available in Series 1. There are 10 different micro figures to collect: Eleventh Doctor in Blue Shirt, Eleventh Doctor in Brown Jacket, Amy Pond, Weeping Angel (Serene Face), Weeping Angel (Screaming Face), Cyberman, Red Dalek, Blue Dalek, Smiler (Angry Face), and Silurian General Restac. You’ll want them all!