Glow In The Dark iPhone Case

glow in the dark iphone case Glow In The Dark iPhone Case

The makers of the worldwide best seller iGlowPhone and SlickWraps have come together to bring you this quality one-of-a-kind wrap. One thing is certain, you can look high and low but you will not find this wrap or this material anywhere else on the planet. Months of research and development went into the manufacturing of this patented material. If you have never seen a colored glowing phone wrap, don½Ûªt worry, when we started this project we had not either. This quality wrap is made of a flexible photoluminescent plastic like material and is very durable and will not stretch. The wrap not only improves the phone½Ûªs reception but also protects the edges and back from dust and scratches. This material is super durable and is guaranteed to get you and your iPhone plenty of attention. This material also recharges in minutes and will glow brighter and longer than the original iGLowPhone. These wraps are great conversation starters and are a must for the bar, club or rave scene. Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S