iPaperPad 3 Pad Pack – a paper pad not an iPad

ipaperpad 3 pad pack a paper pad not an ipad iPaperPad 3 Pad Pack   a paper pad not an iPad

The iPaperPad is not magical or revolutionary. It’s a paper pad.This package contains three pads with 25 pages each. The pads are 7.47″ x 9.56″ and have a writable area of 5 3/4″ x 7 1/2″ on the face and provide the entire surface area on the back for additional notes. This three-pad pack was specifically designed so you could have one for yourself and share two with friends.The iPaperPad may be the same size as the Apple iPad but unlike the Apple iPad, these paper pads are 100% recyclable and compostable. They require no batteries, have virtually unlimited resolution, and their speed is controlled by you instead of a custom processor. The interface is so intuitive even a baby can use it!Be the envy of all your friends (except the ones you share the extra pads with) and buy an iPaperPad today!PLEASE NOTE: The iPaperPad is only fully functional with a writing instrument which must be purchased seperately. The iPaperPad is 100% compatible with any writing instrument designed for paper: pen, marker, crayon, etc.