Iron Man 2 Mark 6 Light-Up Deluxe

iron man 2 mark 6 light up deluxe Iron Man 2 Mark 6 Light Up Deluxe

From the most anticipated movie this year, comes this awesome Light-Up Iron Man costume from Iron Man 2! This is his Mark VI suit which allows Iron Man to increase his strength by 90 times and allows him to go to extreme depths underwater and high altitudes in the sky. This costume has awesome graphics looking just like his suit from the movie. The arc reactor on the chest lights-up and the muscle torso and arms shows the strength of everyone’s favorite superhero. This is a must have costume from the biggest movie this year! Costume Includes: Jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, attached light up chest arc reactor with 3 batteries (type LR44) and character mask. Jumpsuit With Muscle Torso, Arms, Attached Light Up Chest Arc Reactor With 3 Ag13 (Lr44) Button Cell Batteries And Character Mask.