Panoramic iPhone Camera

panoramic iphone camera Panoramic iPhone Camera

Share the world around you with Dot – the pocket-friendly 360¬∫ panoramic video attachment for iPhone 4.Snap Dot onto your iPhone 4, download our free Looker app, and instantly record fully immersive 360¬∫ videos right on your iPhone. Going to a concert? You can record the show and the audience. Heading out on a road trip? Leave Dot on the dashboard and record your highway adventures. No matter what you’re recording, Dot sees everything! Watch your videos on your iPhone 4 by swiping your screen to virtually spin around, or switch modes and view them in panoramic widescreen. Looker allows you to instantly share your 360¬∫ world with friends and family (via facebook, twitter, or right from the palm of your hand.How does it compact and durable iCONIC lens works with the iPhone 4’s HD video camera to capture full 360¬∫ video – all at once – without stitching frames together. Our unique catadioptric optical system is fully AR-coated for excellent color fidelity in all environments. Dot is a lightweight attachment that doesn’t require batteries or external power.