Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters

Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters2 Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters

Condensation is dangerous! Back in the day, when our “furniture” consisted of milk crates and salvaged wood, we could care less whether someone left a glass of ice water on what we called a coffee table. Coffee rings? No problem. But now, now we own some spiffy IKEA furniture. We have some heirloom hand-me-down furniture from Grandma. Maybe we even spent our tax refund on something new and shiny. Gotta treat it right! Luckily, Portal showed us that handy dandy labels can help warn your friends of potential hazards like falling cubes, holes in the floor, or cake. (If the cake is a lie, that is certainly hazardous.) This set of coasters will not only protect your IKEA/Grandma/TaxReturn furniture from condensation disasters, but they’ll also look spiffy while doing it. Show your love of portals, testing, companion cubes, turrets, and all things Aperture. The Portal Warning Sign Coaster set contains eight unique coasters that you can use to warn house guests of their impending doom.