Solar Charging iPad Case

Solar Charging iPad Case2 Solar Charging iPad Case

This KudoCase for iPad 2 has all the features the solar case by Kudo has to offer! Indoor/Outdoor Solar Power giving you up to an average 10 days of use. An extended battery, USB Power-out charger, HDMI, Whistle Locator, Multiple Stands and the automatic Sleep/Wake feature built in. This durable case is one you can be proud of with a housing made from biodegradable grain and the worlds only indoor operating organic solar panel. Solar Power – New solar ink technology, works with outdoor & indoor light. Results will vary but the average use is 10 days with 2hrs iPad use per day with average light. HDMI port built in – watch your iPad on the big screen. Automatic iPad Sleep and Wake built into the flap. USB Power Out – Charge your phone, bluetooth, camera… directly off the solar case. Battery backup – High capacity 10A battery built into the case to store excess energy created by the light. Keyboard Stand – Angle the iPad at a comfortable 15 degrees for easier typing. Movie Stand – Position the iPad into a landscape movie / receipe angle. Durable protection – Protect the iPad from any angle. Thin, only 7/8″ total thickness. Whistle Locator – Cant find the iPad? Simply whistle and the case will beep to let you know where it is. Environmentally Friendly – Kudo To You! The worlds only organic solar panels. Housing is made from biodegradeable grains. Every online purchase includes a planted tree with the Arbor Day Foundation. Please note: From time to time you will still have to power your KudoCase from the wall. To learn more about how the solar panels work visit our FAQ page. KudoCase: 198mm X 271mm X 21mm (7.8″ x 10.7″ x 0.82″) :: 22.4oz Solar Ink: ~0.5W | 40-110mAh | 4.7V Battery: 10A | Transfer Rate 93% Docking 30Pin Output to iPad: 5V at 2.1A USB Output charge: 2.1A Package includes 1 Solar KudoCase for iPad 2 / iPad 3 and 1 USB charging cable to use with the iPad Wall adapter. The wall adapter is not included.