The Hillary & Bill Clinton Combo Set

the hillary bill clinton combo set The Hillary & Bill Clinton Combo Set

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you feel like a glass of wine. Have both with a side of laughter when you purchase this Hillary Clinton Nutcracker and Bill Clinton Corkscrew Set! The Hillary Nutcracker features a smiling Hillary in a power stance. Her two legs have stainless steel thighs just waiting to crack some nuts and get down to business. Bill, on the other hand, features a suggestively positioned 3 in. corkscrew that’s just right for your favorite 22-year-old bottle of white. But, Bill doesn’t discriminate; he’s just as effective on reds. This set is sure to turn heads and keep the general public sated. Get your Hillary & Bill Clinton Nutcracker / Corkscrew Set today and party like it’s November 1996!