Wood Nesting Doll – Owl

Wood Nesting Doll Owl Wood Nesting Doll   Owl

Adorable hand-painted nesting dolls make great gifts and collectibles. Created with the idea of Russian matryoshka dolls, this wood nested doll set contains 5 wooden dolls of decreasing size placed inside another. Perfect decoration for the home, where you can display individual doll or all in a row. Separated, each figurine can be used to hold treasures or small items like rings or earrings. Actual sizes: Size 1- 2.5 (dia) x 3.5 (h), Size 2- 1.75 (dia) x 2.75 (h), Size 3- 1.25 (dia) x 2 (h), Size 4- 0.875 (dia) x 1.375 (h), Size 5- 0.5 (dia) x 0.75 (h). Size measurements for reference only. *For more information, please contact us before purchase.